Varekai by Cirque du Soleil

“The Varekai story was told through scenes of aerial hoops, Russian swings, acrobats on crutches, strings and sticks, flying balloons, clowns, juggling, magic, humorous and circus acts, skits as well as popcorn and confetti offered to the audience by the hosts, dressed in gala attire. The performers once again demonstrated the flexibility and precision of movement behind which hundreds of hours of work have gone into.

The story unfolds in a magical world, one where the impossible is possible: Varekai. The story begins when a young boy is dropped from the sky to earth in a fabulous place inhabited by fantastic creatures. With his wings broken in flight, the young man – a true angel – embarks on an adventure full of adventures, helped on his journey of initiation by allegorical characters, animated by the desire to make every experience a dance and an acrobatic. His whole existence becomes an incantation, a rediscovery, at the end of which love is the one that gives meaning and triumphs.

The musical accompaniment perfectly synchronised with the artists’ numbers, and one truly memorable moment was when a spectator took the stage with the artists and tried to get into the atmosphere. It left with a lot of joy in the audience and memorable memories for a truly lucky Romanian: it’s not every day you get the chance to join the geniuses of Cirque du Soleil.” (iConcert.ro)

“Varekai is a classic Cirque du Soleil production that has been internationally acclaimed and has wowed 10 million spectators worldwide since its 2002 premiere in Montreal. “Varekai” means “anywhere” in Russian, the language of universal wanderers, and boasts an international cast of 50 performers and musicians.

Stunning, overwhelming, Varekai is an acrobatic extravaganza that will take Romanian audiences on an extraordinary journey. Following the leitmotif of Icarus, fans will see stunning demonstrations of high aerial acrobatics and performers ready for gravity-defying leaps, such as the futuristic, intense “Russian Swing”, in which acrobats leap from one moving object to another.”(Metropotam.ro)