The Art Of Banksy – Without Limits exhibition comes to Miami at Ice Palace Studios.

Celebrate the mysterious world of Banksy in Miami from 14 January 2022.

Considered one of the most valuable artists, the graffiti artist’s popularity cannot be denied. “The Art Of Banksy – Without Limits” exhibition features over 155 works by the artist, including original artworks, prints, photographs, sculptures, installations, murals and more. Some of his works are painstakingly reproduced using the stencil technique especially for the exhibition.

A documentary video gives visitors an insight into his life and work, all presented in a uniquely seated way in each city. The show promises a truly awe-inspiring experience and is a ‘must see’ to celebrate Banksy’s art.

Some consider him a farce, while others, an artistic genius. Across the globe, it’s clear that everyone agrees that Banksy’s popularity cannot be denied.

Having successfully exhibited to over 1 million visitors in several cities globally, including Istanbul, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Antwerp, Berlin, Bucharest, Cluj, Budapest, Riyadh, Vienna and Warsaw. The Art Of Banksy – Without Limits exhibition is renowned for its unique installation in each location, ensuring a new and innovative experience for every visitor.

Miami is an exciting hub for art and culture, with trendy art districts that attract cool-looking locals and curious foreigners year-round and famous for Miami’s famous Art Basel. Banksy’s art will be another big draw for curious art seekers.

The location for The Art of Banksy is in the heart of the city at Ice Palace Studios.