Our Body – Inner Universe Exhibition

Universal Exhibition Group presents the exhibition “OUR BODY: The Inner Universe” for the first time in Constanta!

We are what we eat, drink and breathe. And nothing proves it better than the exhibition ” After crossing over 30 countries and being seen by over 50 million visitors, the exhibition “OUR BODY: Universul Interior” opens its doors at City Park Mall Constanta, in the VIP parking level -1 North, from July 15 to October 15, 2017. The exhibition thus continues its tour in Romania, after spending 4 months in Cluj Napoca in 2015, where it registered over 29 000 visitors, and 3 months in Timisoara, with 26 000 visitors. Summer tourists and locals will discover, in a unique educational way, the fascinating inner universe of the human body and how it works, with the help of over 200 exhibits – real human bodies and sections. An event produced by Universal Exhibition Group and organised by Events in collaboration with City Park Mall Constanta.

Visitors will embark on an extraordinary journey inside the human body, discovering the mysteries of anatomy and physiology with the help of over 200 exhibits – real human bodies and sections. Through a process of polymeric impregnation (liquid silicone rubber treatment), tissues are preserved at the microscopic level, allowing visitors to see first-hand how amazingly the human body works, and how diseases and unhealthy habits demand bodily functions.

With a strong focus on prevention, health and education, the exhibition “OUR BODY: The Inner Universe” aims to increase the public’s interest in learning about their own bodies and to convince visitors of the importance of everyday choices. By comparing healthy tissues, organs or cells and their variants affected by various diseases, the exhibition offers visitors the chance to view and better understand common medical conditions (kidney cancer, stroke, lung cancer, etc.).

The “OUR BODY: The Inner Universe” exhibition can be a valuable personal and family experience, a unique opportunity for parents to explain to their children the complexity of the human body, the need for proper nutrition, regular sport, a healthy lifestyle, and the impact of harmful habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. Dozens of explanatory panels and medically trained nurses are ready to answer guests’ questions. The organisers aim to involve local schools, teachers and medical establishments in their efforts to promote best practices for healthy living and to increase young people’s interest in the medical professions.

“A fascinating exhibit that has something for everyone, from the best surgeons to everyday people” – Chicago Tribune / “An exhibit that gives you a chance to stop and reflect” – Detroit Free Press / “Beautiful and breathtaking” – Press-Register Mobile

“OUR BODY: The Inner Universe” is hosted by City Park Mall Constanta and is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

Tickets can be purchased from 15 July at the entrance to the exhibition or from the Eventim network. Children under the age of 7 are admitted free of charge.