De Phazz

  • Data:
    15.11.2016, 19:00
  • Locatie:
    Sala Palatului
  • Oras:

De Phazz band will return to Bucharest on November 15, at Sala Palatului, for the promotion tour of their new album, “Prankster Bride”, to be launched in October.
The new De-Phazz album “Prankster Bride” is an explicit tribute to the female voices of the band. Pat Appleton – who is also the main voice of the project live on stage (besides Karl Frierson) opens the exclusive ladies’ roster with a rockabilly rendition of a partygoer’s adventures in the title tune “Prankster Bride” which takes us on a sizzling trip between midnight and daybreak “with all the demons” by her side. After a “Hangover Deluxe” she awakes as a sugar mom in the song “Used” which focuses on the plight of modern day women trading in traditional roles to support their trophy men. In “Perfect World” she sings wistfully of a love affair that can only still exist in a child’s utopia. The song “I sing” combines a traditional German Folk music choir played backwards with dub reggae while the lyrics speak of break-up and new beginnings, a song that sounds almost orthodox mass for the lonely hearts “out there”. The unique Barbara Lahr reappears with two Neo Chansons for those listeners at home explores the question of “the most hateful thing you’re waiting for” in “Apple & Egg” which ultimately leads to a personal capitulation in “Down Waterloo”.
Angel J, a recurring guest of other De-Phazz albums, offers a new outlook in the role of the American girl in the song “Freaky” that is an unusual addition to the bands typical sound. Is it the birth of “Kentucky Lounge” perhaps? Musical variety is an upmost priority in the bands program and so the album closes with the song “Kraut2016” which is an homage to the Kraut Rock era of the seventies with legendary German singer Jutta Glaser as herself. “Prankster Bride” is a mix of catchy vocal tunes as well as intricate instrumentals which makes the album an intense listening pleasure that will find heavy rotation in your music collection. This is lastly also due to the greatly appreciated contribution of different musicians who have collaborated with De-Phazz on this album.
De-Phazz will be on “Prankster Bride” tour directly after the album release in October 2016. The new show will feature the two De-Phazz main singers Karl Frierson and Pat Appleton and many new songs from the latest album. The live band also includes Oli Rubow (drums), Bernd Windisch (bass) and Markus Bartelt (Baritone Saxophone, Flute). Be prepared for a great night out on the town that will leave you breathless and wanting more….
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